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Country Mile Document Destruction Inc. provides their customers with On Site Confidential Shredding. Covering Michigan's Upper Peninsula and Wisconsin's neighboring county's, Country Mile Document Destruction makes scheduling destruction convenient.

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Depending on your paper flow, Country Mile Document Destruction Inc. can be scheduled to come on site when it is necessary for you. Our agents then transport your data immediately to the vehicle and shred your documents on site. are invited to oversee the destruction process if so desired.

We Provide Hassle Free Alternatives
for your Data Destruction

You can eliminate:

• Dangers posed to your employees
• Increased insurance cost
• Employee’s time away from other duties
• The need for an in-house shredder
• The physical effort to dispose of the shredded material
• The inconvenience of arranging the shipping of confidential materials, shredded or not

What we shred:

• Accounting Records
• Canceled Checks
• Obsolete Purchase Orders
• Business Plans
• Payroll Informationshredder
• Confidential Letters and Memos
• Contracts, Bids and Quotations
• Copy Machine Rejects/Overruns
• Computer Printouts
• Customer Mailing
• Prospective Customer List
• Medical Documents
• Personal/Banking Information
• Plastic Credit Cards
• DVD’s, CD’s and Diskettes
• Microfiche

Country Mile Document Destruction destroys confidential information in all of Michigan's Upper Peninsula and parts of Wisconsin.


Country Mile Document Destruction services all job sizes on site. This ensures that your data has been securely destroyed.


It's a frightening thought that your personal and business records can become everyone's business as soon as they are thrown in the trash...even if they are thrown into your own receptacles! There are notorious cases of identity theft due to "dumpster diving." These individuals who "dumpster dive" are desperate and eventually get hooked to this malicious act as if it was a drug. A malicious drug that steals your identity, business, and may be your own life.


With Country Mile Document Destruction's attractive, lockable wood security cabinets for storing sensitive data in, you can avoid potential dumpster divers. For larger amounts of important data other receptacles are available in various sizes.

Types of Security Bins Available

35gal bin 64gal bin 96gal bin Wood Container
35gal. 64gal. 96gal. Secured Container

According to the United States Supreme Court

The Privacy Rule-July 1, 2001 Gramm-Lleach-Bliely Act requires that financial institutions make financial privacy provisions by establishing appropriate standards subject to administrative, technical, and physical safeguard.

  1. To ensure the security and confidentiality of customer’s records.
  2. To protect against any anticipated threats or hazards to the security or integrity of such records.
  3. To protect against unauthorized access to or use of such records in substantial harm or inconvenience of any consumer.

Dun's Review

Dun’s estimates that corporate espionage costs businesses $7 billion in losses annually. Most businesses have a log for visitors to sign in and out for security: the same kind of scrutiny needs to apple to the destruction of sensitive documents.
If you are recycling your out-dated records, are you sure that they get to their destination to be baled or is a thief stealing information out of you dumpster? When the container is dumped are you assured by the hauler that it really ends up in the truck? If not, it’s possible wind could take it 200 feet down the road for a passer-by to find. Who knows what he/she will do with this information? Do you have insurance to cover this? Even by accident you can find yourself in a lawsuit.

Wisconsin Legislature

The Wisconsin Legislature, on February 1, 2000 enacted section 895.505 (Dumpster Diving) of the Wisconsin Statutes which could hold businesses and other civilly, criminally liable for not disposing of, or using "personal information" in Accordance with the new law.

Michigan Legislature

The Michigan Legislature, Act 452 of 2004, enacted legislature 452.72a section 12a (Identity Theft Protection Act) of the Michigan Statutes states that a person or agency is considered to be in compliance with this section if the person or agency is subject to federal law concerning the disposal of records containing personal identifying information and the person or agency is in compliance with the federal law. Under this section a person who knowingly violates this section is guilty of a punishable fine for each violation. As used in this section, "destroy" means to destroy or arrange for the destruction of data by shredding, erasing, or otherwise modifying the data so it cannot be read, deciphered, or reconstructed through generally available means.

CMDD logoCountry Mile Document Destruction was established in 2001, covering Michigan's Upper Peninsula and now parts of Wisconsin.

Our company is privately owned and operated.

Country Mile Document Destruction has earned their clients trust by carefully attending to their security needs, by providing a valued service when handling the destruction of their confidential materials.

Our machine is a state of the art Shred-Teck MDS 25GT, it will shred paper at a rate of 2500lbs to 3000lbs per hour. All of our shredded paper is recycled. Country Mile Document Destruction is bonded and insured for your protection. We provide services for residential, commercial, financial, and medical destruction needs.


There is no job too big or too small!

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We guarantee security and confidentiality of your documents!

After all data has been destroyed, Country Mile Document Destruction Inc.
Recycles the paper residue.

Bonded • Insured