Monthly Commercial Shredding Services

Whether you need one-shot or monthly shredding services Country Mile Document Destruction is the place to go! Contact us for our very competitive rates. In fact, send us a copy of your current shredding service bill, and more than likely we can beat it! How? By cutting out the middle man and passing the savings along to you.

Country Mile Document Destruction offers commercial shredding services in all of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Northern Wisconsin. We are NAID-Certified and you will receive a certificate of destruction to protect you against lawsuits, corporate espionage, and more.

Commercial Shredding Services

See the last of your confidentiality problems!
If your records found their way into the wrong hands the result may be very embarrassing…or financially devasting.

Now more than ever it is important to keep your data secure. It’s a frightening thought that your business records become everyone’s business as soon as you throw them into the trash. Even if they are in your own receptacles!

Country Mile Document Destruction offers attractive, lockable wood security cabinets for storing sensitive data between pickups. A Country Mile Document Destruction agent will arrive on schedule and transport data immediately to the vehicle and shred it on-site.

Dun’s Review for Commercial Shredding

Dun estimates that corporate espionage costs businesses $7 billion in losses annually. Most businesses have a log for visitors to sign in and out for security; the same kind of scrutiny needs to apply to the destruction of sensitive documents.

If you are recycling your outdated records, are you sure that they get to their destination to be baled, or is a thief stealing information from your dumpster? When the container is dumped are you assured by the hauler that it really ends up in the truck? If not, it’s possible the wind could take it 200 feet down the road for a passer-by to find. Who knows what he/she will do with this information?

Do you have insurance to cover this?

Even by accident, you can find yourself in a lawsuit.

Hassle-Free Alternative

  • You can eliminate:
    • Dangers posed to your employees
    • Increased insurance costs
    • Employee’s time away from other duties
    • The need for an in-house shredder
    • The physical effort to dispose of the shredded material
    • The inconvenience of arranging the shipping of confidential material, shredded or not.

Our Other Shredding Services

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