Monthly Medical Records Shredding Services

Whether you need one-shot or monthly shredding services Country Mile Document Destruction is the place to go! Contact us for our very competitive rates. In fact, send us a copy of your current shredding service bill, and more than likely we can beat it! How? By cutting out the middle man and passing the savings along to you.

See the last of your confidentiality problems!
If your records found their way into the wrong hands the result may be very embarrassing…or financially devasting.

Our medical records shredding truck.

Identity thieves go after medical records the most because this has all the information that they need to get the job done for them easily.

The hospital or clinic you work at already has a detailed standard operating procedure on how to file your information but does it have an equivalent plan for on how to dispose of your medical records? If you do have a procedure does it comply with the latest HIPPA and government regulations?

If you are not sure we can let you know because we keep on top of all of the latest laws and regulations on a consistent basis.

Errors made in the billing or patient check-in process? Don’t just throw it in the trash. Even if there are errors on it identity thieves may still be able to pull enough information off of it to benefit them.

Make sure your employees know that the next time they have to get rid of medical records that passed its retention period that the documents have to be disposed of properly.

Have you recently installed a new computer network and switching everything from paper to digital? If so, make sure that your employees know that the old data has to be disposed of properly.

And the best reason to use our medical shredding services? It’s the law!

Contact Country Mile Document Destruction for a free quote and let our professional agents help you dispose of documents the right way!

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