Engadine, MI Shredding

How did Engadine get its name?

Initially named Kennedy, this community boasted a train depot that established connections with various flourishing lumber towns. Sam Peterson, one of the pioneering lumbermen in the region, proposed the name “Engadine,” drawing inspiration from the Engadine Valley in Switzerland, where he had previously resided.

Situated a mere 40 miles from Manistique, Engadine initiated its journey in the lumber industry and is the proud home of the Hiawatha Sporting Club.

Engadine, an unincorporated community within Mackinac County in the U.S. state of Michigan, is nestled within Garfield Township. Operating as an unincorporated community, Engadine lacks legally defined boundaries or dedicated population statistics. Nevertheless, it maintains its distinct post office, associated with the 49827 ZIP Code.

From Ann Arbor to Zeba, and throughout the encompassing regions, Country Mile Document Destruction’s comprehensive services—comprising Secure Document Destruction, Hard Drive Destruction, and more—are thoughtfully crafted to safeguard your workplace security each day. Your revenue, reputation, workforce, and achievements are all contingent on this security. We safeguard what holds value.

Our Offered Services:

Document Containers: We furnish secure, locked containers where your documents remain untouched by human hands after their placement.

Mobile Shredding: Catering to time-pressed clients, our mobile destruction trucks can be dispatched to your site for immediate shredding and reduction to pulp on the spot. Subsequently, we provide you with a certificate of destruction—a testament to our commitment to your security.

Hard Drive Destruction (Merely deleting data is insufficient.)

Commercial Shredding (Safeguarding data from competitors.)

Residential Shredding (Eliminate Social Security Numbers and Credit Card Info.)

Financial Shredding (Preserving privacy regarding expenditures.)

Legal Records Shredding (Ensuring client information remains secure.)

Medical Shredding (Adhering to HIPPA guidelines.)

Our spectrum includes the shredding of Accounting Records, Canceled Checks, Obsolete Purchase Orders, Payroll Information, CDs and Diskettes, Microfiche, Hard Drives, Private Audio, and video Recordings, Confidential Letters and Memos, Computer Printouts, Medical Information, Plastic Credit Cards, and more.

Our commitment to quality is backed by our use of NAID-certified data destruction procedures.

Country Mile Document Destruction Inc. is flexible and available for on-site engagements as needed. Our agents promptly transport your data to our vehicle, initiating on-site shredding.

Did you realize that regulations govern the retention duration of records before destruction?

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 introduced guidelines on record retention periods for businesses before shredding. If in doubt, feel free to reach out to us to ascertain whether these restrictions apply to you and to learn the specified retention periods.

You might have encountered these headlines in the past:

“Confidential Banking Information Discovered in Trash!” “Profitable Dumpster ‘Treasure Hunt’ for Thieves” “Assumptions About Secure Disposal of Financial Records? Think Again!”

Shield your small business or personal finances against potential financial crises that can take years to recover from. Contact us today!

Passersby can pilfer your trash and pilfer your identity. According to Javelin Strategy and Research, identity theft continues to surge, with over 16 million victims reported in 2017 alone!

Country Mile Document Destruction is bonded and insured to guarantee your safety. Our services span residential, commercial, financial, and medical destruction requirements. No task is too grand or too modest for us.

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