Ford River, MI Shredding Service

Nestled within Delta County, Michigan, Ford River beckons with its captivating and idyllic setting, welcoming both residents and visitors into its embrace. Although specifics about the township’s businesses remain undisclosed in the provided information, Ford River undoubtedly hosts an array of local establishments that cater to the needs of its close-knit community. These enterprises not only contribute to the township’s distinctive character but also play a pivotal role in fostering a strong sense of unity by providing essential products and services to its residents.

Ford River’s advantageous proximity to Escanaba and its neighboring areas grants access to a myriad of attractions. Notably, Leigh’s Garden Winery offers visitors the chance to savor wine tastings within a cozy ambiance. The scenic beauty of the “Hidden Coast” drive along Lake Michigan enchants travelers with breathtaking vistas and numerous vantage points. Nearby Eagle River Falls and Dam provide an immersive experience in the midst of rushing waters and picturesque landscapes. In addition, the town of Escanaba boasts shopping havens and diverse dining options, allowing explorers to dive into local culture and flavors. Ultimately, Ford River’s strategic location within the Upper Peninsula serves as an ideal gateway for uncovering the region’s allure and attractions.

Ford River has carved a name for itself as a haven of beaches, canoeing, and kayaking, with the added allure of excellent fishing opportunities in the vicinity. Located a mere 5 miles from Escanaba, MI, it basks in the proximity to urban amenities.

Ford River Township, a civil township in Delta County, Michigan, harbors a population of 2,054 as per the 2010 census, a slight decrease from 2,241 recorded in 2000. The median household income for the township stands at $42,260, with a corresponding family median income of $47,837.

Shredded Documents Are Not Safe Enough!

Spanning the expanse between Ann Arbor and Zeba, encompassing all nearby locales, Country Mile Document Destruction stands as the guardian of your workplace security. Our comprehensive suite of services, including Secure Document Destruction, Hard Drive Destruction, and more, is meticulously tailored to safeguard your business integrity day in and day out. Your financial gains, your esteemed reputation, your valued personnel, and the triumph of your endeavors all hang in the balance. At Country Mile Document Destruction, we stand as your unwavering shield, dedicated to the preservation of what truly counts.

Other Services Offered

  • Document Container: We will provide you with a locked container where your documents never touch human hands after being placed in the container.
  • Drop-Off: You can bring your items that need to be destroyed to our facility in Stephenson, MI. Our employees will unload, weigh, and bring your records to the shredder for destruction.
  • Mobile Shredding: For the customers that are pressed for time we can bring our mobile destruction trucks to your location, shred it, and reduce it to a pulp right there on the spot! After that, you will receive a certificate of destruction from us for your records. Our guarantee to you.
  • Hard Drive Destruction: (Just deleting the information will not do.)
  • Commercial Shredding: (Keep data away from your competition.)
  • Residential Shredding: (Get rid of your Social Security Numbers, and Credit Card Info.)
  • Financial Shredding: (Don’t let everyone know what you spend your money on.)
  • Legal Records Shredding: (Are your clients’ info secure?)
  • Medical Shredding: (Are you following HIPPA guidelines?)

We guarantee our services because we use NAID-certified data destruction procedures.

Introducing our sophisticated and lockable Security cabinets, carefully designed for the interim storage of sensitive data during intervals between pick-ups. These meticulously crafted Security containers boast secure locks and feature a one-way slot, ensuring that documents can be safely deposited until a dedicated agent from Country Mile Document Destruction Inc. arrives.

Country Mile Document Destruction Inc. is at your service, ready to be scheduled for on-site visits precisely when the need arises. Our adept agents promptly collect your data and swiftly transport it to our secure vehicle, where your documents are then shredded on-site.

Our comprehensive services extend to projects of all sizes, right at your location. This approach guarantees the absolute security of your data during the destruction process.

For our remarkably competitive pricing, reach out to us without hesitation. In fact, if you furnish us with a copy of your prevailing shredding service bill, the likelihood is high that we can offer you a superior deal. How do we achieve this? By eliminating unnecessary intermediaries and funneling the resulting savings directly to you.

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