Lake Linden Shredding Service

Lake Linden Historic District
Lake Linden Historic District

The largest businesses in Lake Linden are Retail, Health Care, Education, Manufacturing, Finance, and Real Estate with the highest paying being Health Care and Social Assistance.

With the largest industry and the best-paying industry in Lake Linden, MI having to do with health care it is important to be on top of protecting patients’ information.

The state regulations on how to dispose of these documents and data are always changing and that is why it is important to have a company like Country Mile, which keeps up-to-date on these things and takes care of it for you!

We guarantee our services because we use NAID-Certified data destruction procedures.

Attention Hospitals and Clinics!

Do you have sensitive Medical Documents that could fall into the wrong hands?

In 1996 the federal government passed the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) so that businesses have safeguards in place. If these rules are not followed you could face a hefty fine.

The hospital or clinic you work at already has a detailed standard operating procedure on how to file your information but does it have an equivalent plan for how to dispose of your medical records? If you do have a procedure does it comply with the latest HIPPA and government regulations?

If you are not sure we can let you know because we keep on top of all of the latest laws and regulations on a consistent basis.

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